BEHIND THE SCENES: The OPTIMA Ultimate Adventures Show

December 1, 2016
Photo Credit: 
Lumafox Creative


OPTIMA Batteries has been creating cutting edge content since they began the OPTIMA Ultimate Streetcar television show. Since then they have been working with industry leaders to curate new film content and work with the best in their automotive fields.

Lumafox Creative and Gunpowder, inc teamed up with OPTIMA Batteries to bring together and showcase this film content with the all new OPTIMA Ultimate Adventures television show. We brought in experts from the automotive industry, from drag racing to formula one, to watch cutting-edge film content and discuss what unifies their car cultures.

The OPTIMA Ultimate Adventures television show premiered on MAV TV and OPTIMA Network on Roku and Amazon Fire. Featuring the Voice of Drift, Jarod DeAnda, as the host and Co-host Chris Jeanneret, race car fabricator. Guest appearances by Ultra4 Competitor Jason Blanton, James Clay of Bimmerworld, Art Tuason of Hoppos, and Formula Drift Pro Dan Brockett (Officer Dan).

Here’s a look behind the scenes:

Jarod DeAnda preparing the show intro. 

View from above with crew featuring Art Tucson, Jarod DeAnda, and Christ Jeannette.
Jarod DeAnda and Christ Jeanneret host with James Clay. 
Tom Keeling, Jake Schmidt, and JC Maldonado discuss shots.
James Clay gets prepped by Make-up Artist Collett Garza.

From back to front & left to right: Jeremiah Sheets, James Clay, Jarod DeAnda, Tristan Fairchok, Jake Schmidt

Jason Blanton, Chris Jeanneret, Kyle Oman, Andrew Nordquist, Tom Keeling

Justin Robert Vinall, Alex Nyman, Kirsten Zeller, Rebecca West, Collett Garza, JC Maldonado


  1. IMPORTS: Hosts Jarod DeAnda and Chris Jeanneret discuss the OPTIMA films "The Ultimate Japan Drifting Trip" and "The Family Porsche 911" with special guests Dan Brockett and James Clay. Airdates: 12/13/2016 8:00 PM  & 11:00 PM  PST
  2. AFTERMARKET: Hosts Jarod DeAnda and Chris Jeanneret discuss the OPTIMA films "The Art of Lowriding" and "Drag Week" with special guest Art Tuason. Airdates: 12/13/2016 8:30 PM & 11:30 PM PST
  3. OFF-ROAD: Hosts Jarod DeAnda and Chris Jeanneret discuss the OPTIMA films "King of Hammers" and "Born for Adventure" with special guest Jason Blanton. Airdates: 12/20/2016 at 8:00 PM  & 11:00 PM  PST
  4. SEMA: Hosts Jarod DeAnda and Chris Jeanneret discuss their experience at SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, in Las Vegas with special guest James Clay. Airdates: 12/20/2016 at 8:30 PM  & 11:30 PM  PST
  • Produced by Gunpowder, Inc and Lumafox Creative
  • Hosted by Jarod DeAnda
  • Co-Hosted by Chris Jeanneret
  • Special Guests: Art Tuason, Dan Brockett, Jason Blanton, and James Clay
  • Directed by Rebecca West and Tom Keeling
  • Cinematographer: Jake Schmidt
  • Gaffer: Kirsten Zeller
  • First AD: Kyle Oman
  • Production Sound Mixer: Jeremiah Sheets
  • Hair & Make-Up: Collett Garza
  • Post-Production: Lumafox Creative
  • Music by Benjamin Oman
  • Production Assistants: Tristan Fairchok, Justin Robert Vinall, Alex Nyman
  • Set Design: Rebecca West and Jake Schmidt